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The Purpose of These Blogs is to Encourage and Bless You

The Why Question

The Why that has no complete answer to it--at least it appears that way  at the moment. So many unanswered questions of why something bad has happened in our life. Why did we receive that negative doctor's report? Why did we lose our job?  Why did we get in that car accident and now we are without a car for work? Why did we make that poor decision that lead to a disaster in our personal life? Why did our child die?  We question God.

Why did You allow this in my life?  Why now?  Why me? Why our family?

No we did not plan for this--it just barged its way into our daily life--even more like tornadoed its way in and knocked us down.  We hate it.  We want it to be different.  But it stays the same.  Why God?

When Ike and I lost our only twenty-two year old son who was crossing the street and hit by a car this question rose violently within our hearts. What on earth was happening to our lives? To my life?  This beautiful son torn away from me.  

I believe that in time God does reveal some answers to us; however, we are so distraught that we really can't hear a word anyone is trying to say to us.  We are caught up in our emotions--emotions of fear, shock, anger.... 

God revealed some answers to me about why Joseph was taken to heaven.  They made good sense to my head but not my heart.  All I knew was I wanted him back. Over time I began to see God's complete and ultimate beautiful wisdom in the matter--"Father Knows Best."

I think that as we spend time pressing into the Lord's presence and as we read and meditate upon His word some clearing of thinking begins to happen.  Our hearts may still be reeling with emotion but we slowly begin to to make some sense out of what's going on in our life now because of what has happened.  If we put our trust in the Lord He is so faithful to give us just enough understanding so that we can experience some peace of heart and mind.  

We may not know all the answers to our situation but we can allow what God does show us to help us to grow into being more like Jesus.

Roxanne Eilers, Palm Desert, CA.

The Ideal and the Real
There is always the ideal of what we expect in a person or situation and when they or it doesn't measure up to what we had in mind we become disappointed and discouraged.  We begin to have doubts about that person and question whether we are making the right decisions in the circumstances where we are.  We subconsciously look for the ideal in everything until we are brought back to reality and have to learn to accept and live with the real and to be content.
So many times we want our spouse to be a certain way. We want them to change in areas where we think they should. When they don't we get frustrated and unhappy with them. The ideal is that they would change and grow to become all they can be.  The real is that we have to accept them just where they are at this moment accepting that they may choose not to change. However, we can change the way we respond and handle our relationship with them. We don't have power to change people into what we want them to be, nor to always manipulate circumstances to turn out the way we like. But we can change our perspective and responses. We can choose to be content wherever we are. This doesn't mean we lay down like a mat for people to walk on and take advantage of. We are in charge of how we handle situations and people in our lives. We learn to live with the real and work towards what we would call our ideal. The important thing here is that we accept where we are, who we are and the people and circumstances around us. Then we change what we can and move on loving the real, moving towards the ideal which we may never achieve but it is a goal to have in mind.
Roxanne Eilers, Palm Desert, CA.
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